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Lettings Category Domain Names For Sale

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Lettings Domains Category - Information

Lettings Category Domain Names

Looking for a suitable Lettings related domain name for your lettings associated website? We have a selections of lettings domain names for you to make your selection.

Definition of Lettings: Letting  (to let, to rent )is a system of payment for the temporary use of something owned by someone else.

Lettings may also refer to:

  • Renting:where a payment is made for the temporary use of a good or property owned by another person or company.
  • Leasing
  • (letting; past and past part. let) 1 not prevent or forbid; allow. 2 used in the imperative to express an intention, proposal, or instruction: let’s have a drink. 3 used to express an assumption upon which a theory or calculation is to be based. 4 allow someone to have the use of (a room or property) in return for payment.
  • letting a period during which a room or property is rented.
  • PHRASES: let alone not to mention. let down fail to support or help. let fly attack physically or verbally. let go 1 allow to go free. 2 dismiss (an employee). 3 relinquish one’s grip on. let into set (something) back into (a surface). let oneself go 1 act in an uninhibited way. 2 become careless or untidy in one’s habits or appearance. let off 1 cause (a gun, firework, or bomb) to fire or explode. 2 refrain from punishing. 3 excuse (someone) from a task or obligation. let on informal divulge information. let out 1 utter (a sound or cry). 2 make (a garment) looser or larger. let up informal become less intense. to let available for rent.
  • to allow or permit: to let him escape. 
  • to allow to pass, go, or come: to let us through.
  • to grant the occupancy or use of (land, buildings, rooms, space, etc., or movable property) for rent or hire (sometimes fol. by out). 
  • to contract or assign for performance, usually under a contract: to let work to a carpenter. 
  • to cause to; make: to let one know the truth. 
  • (used in the imperative as an auxiliary expressive of a request, command, warning, suggestion, etc.): Let me see. Let us go. Just let them try it! 
  •  British. a lease. 
  •  let down, a. to disappoint; fail. 
  •  let in, a. to admit.  
  •  let off, a. to release by exploding.  
  • let on, a. to reveal one's true feelings: 
  •  let out, a. to divulge; make known. 
  •  let up, a. to slacken; diminish; abate: 
  •  let up on, to treat less severely; be more lenient with:
  •  let alone. alone 
  • let be, a. to refrain from interference. 
  • let go. go
  •  let someone have it: to attack or assault, as by striking, shooting, or rebuking: