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Mcommerce Category

Mcommerce Domain Names Category

Looking for an mcommerce related domain name for your website? Select one of ours.

Definition of Mcommerce: Mcommerce short for Mobile Commerce (also known as M-Commerce, mCommerce or U-Commerce, owing to the ubiquitous nature of its services) is the ability to conduct commerce, using a mobile device e.g. a mobile phone (or cell phone), a PDA, a smartphone while on the move.  

Mcommerce may also refer to:

Mcommerce may be used for the sale of mobile phone ring-tones and games, although as 3G/UMTS services roll out it is increasingly used to enable payment for location-based services such as maps, as well as video and audio content, including full length music tracks.

Other services include the sending of information such as football scores via SMS.

Currently the main payment methods used to enable mobile commerce are:

  • premium-rate calling numbers,
  • charging to the mobile telephone user's bill or deducting from their calling credit, either directly or via reverse-charged SMS.
  • highly profitable mobile commerce applications possible though the broadband mobile phone services .

Other examples of mobile commerce applications are information-on-demand systems like news services or stock tickers, banking and stock brokerage applications by SMS, WAP or iMode.