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Plays Category Domain Names For Sale

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Play Category - Information

Play Category Domain Names

Do you need a domain names to play with? Play with one of ours.

Definition of Play: Play has many connotations and meanings, for example to play is to engage in games or other activities for enjoyment rather than for a serious or practical purpose.

A play, written by a playwright, or dramatist, is a form of literature, almost always consisting of dialog between characters, and intended for performance rather than reading.

Play may also refer to:

  • take part in (a sport or contest).
  • compete against.
  •  take a specified position in a sports team.
  •  represent (a character) in a play or film.
  •  perform on or have the skill to perform on (a musical instrument).
  •  produce (notes) from a musical instrument; perform (a piece of music).
  •  move (a piece) or display (a playing card) in one’s turn in a game.
  •  make (a record player, radio, etc.) produce sounds.
  •  be cooperative: he needs financial backing, but the banks won’t play. 
  • play games and other activities engaged in for enjoyment.
  •  the progress of a sporting match.
  •  a move or manoeuvre in a sport or game.
  •  the state of being active, operative, or effective: luck came into play.
  •  a dramatic work for the stage or to be broadcast.
  •  the ability or freedom of movement in a mechanism. .


  •   — PHRASES
  • be played out drained of strength or life.
  •  make great play of ostentatiously draw attention to.
  • make a play for informal attempt to attract or attain.
  •  play both ends against the middle keep one’s options open by supporting opposing sides.
  •  play about (or around)
  •  behave in a casual or irresponsible way.
  •  informal (of a married person) have an affair.
  • play-act engage in pretence in an attention-seeking manner.
  • play along
  •  perform a piece of music at the same time as it is playing on a tape or record.
  •  pretend to cooperate.
  • play by ear  perform (music) without having to read from a score.
  •  (play it by ear) informal proceed instinctively according to circumstances rather than according to rules or a plan.
  • play down disguise the importance or significance of.
  •  play fast and loose behave irresponsibly or immorally.
  •  play for time use excuses or unnecessary manoeuvres to gain time.
  • play into someone’s hands act in such a way as unintentionally to give someone an advantage.
  • play off bring (two or more people or parties) into conflict for one’s own advantage.
  • play on exploit (someone’s weak or vulnerable point).
  • a play on words a pun. play (or play it) safe avoid taking risks.
  • play up 1 emphasize the extent or importance of. 2 (play up to) humour or flatter.