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Sales Category Domain Names For Sale

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Sales Category Information

Sales Category Domain Name

If you are looking for a sales associated domain name for your sales related or shopping website, select one from the list above.

The definition of Sales, or the activity of selling, forms an integral part of commercial activity. It could be argued that it is the cornerstone of business as it is the meeting of buyers and sellers and all other areas of business has the goal of making that meeting successful.

Sales may also refer to:

  • the exchange of a commodity for money.
  • (sales) the activity or profession of selling.
  • a period in which goods are sold at reduced prices.
  • a public event at which goods are sold or auctioned.
  • for (or on) sale
  • offered for purchase.
  • sale or return British. an arrangement by which a retailer takes a quantity of goods with the right to return unsold items without payment.
Selling' is the heart beat of any business.