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Transport's Category Domain Names For Sale

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Transport Category Information

Transport related domain names

We have Transport associated domain names to transport you to the top of the web.

The definition of Transport or transportation is the movement of people and goods from one place to another.

The term is derived from the Latin trans ("across") and portare ("to carry").

Transport Industries have the business of providing equipment, actual transport, or goods and services used in transport of goods or people.

Modes are combinations of networks, vehicles, and operations, and include walking, the road transport system, rail transport, ship transport and modern aviation.

Categories of transport

  • (Non-human) Animal-powered transport
  • Aviation
  • Cable transport
  • Conveyor transport
  • Human-powered transport
  • Hybrid transport
  • New Mobility Agenda
  • Ship transport
  • Space transport
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Transport on other planets
  • Proposed future transport