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Yearns Category Domain Names For Sale

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Yearn Category Information

Yearns Category Domain Information

Are you yearning for a suitable domain name for your website?  Look at the list above and select one.

Definition of Yearn: Yearn ( from a Germanic base meaning ‘eager’) means to have an earnest or strong desire; long: to yearn for the taste of chocolate.

Yearn may also refer to:

  • To have a strong, often melancholy desire.
  • To feel deep pity, sympathy, or tenderness: yearned over the child's fate.
  • have an intense feeling of loss and longing for something.
  •  to yearn for a quiet vacation. 
  • to feel tenderness; be moved or attracted: They yearned over their little puppy. 
  • Yearn: to  long, to hanker, to pine
  • to feel a powerful desire for something.
  • Yearn stresses the depth and passionateness of a desire:
  • to yearn to get away and begin a new life;
  • to yearn desperately for recognition.