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Z_axis Category Domain Names For Sale

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Z-Axis Category Information

Z-Axis Category Domain Name Information

Need a z-axis related domain name for your website? We may have one to suit, look at the list above.

Definition of Z-Axis: Z-Axis in Mathematics. (in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system) the axis along which values of z are measured and at which both x and y equal zero. 

The Z-Axis Cartesian coordinate system is used to determine each point uniquely in a plane through two numbers, usually called the x-coordinate and the y-coordinate of the point. To define the coordinates, two perpendicular directed lines (the x-axis or abscissa and the y-axis or ordinate), are specified, as well as the unit length, which is marked off on the two axes. Cartesian coordinate systems are also used in space (where three coordinates are used) and in higher dimensions.