Introduction To Domain Name Information

Domain Information

An Introduction to Domain Names

Domain Name Basics

There are many misunderstandings and misconceptions about domain names. Such as why is it necessary for every website to have a domain name. What is a domain name and what is it used for? Some people only find it clear when they need one for a web site of their own. Most people have heard of the term 'Domain Name' many know what they are, but few understand all of the details involved. 

Imagine if everybody was known and identified by a unique series of numbers instead of a name; we would have difficulty just trying to remember the number sequence to  be able to identify our relatives and closest friends.  It is so much easier and friendly to use our names instead.

Domain names are strictly a human convenience.


A domain name is basically a Web site address. For example, is the address of our web site; it's also our domain name.

Note: The entire Web address, i.e., is known as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

If you are trying to run an online business, you'll need a domain name to head your website before people can take your company seriously. You can also use a domain name to make a statement, or simply to give yourself a unique id in cyberspace...


The benefits of owning a Domain Name:


The biggest and best corporations around the world use and promote their websites with a domain name which is recognised worldwide. Many also own generic domain names claiming the category as theirs.


Should you ever wish to resell your domain name and or website there is an established and growing aftermarket in generic domain name trading.

Your domain name will tell your clients that you are serious about doing business.

Get the domain name in the category to suit your business before your competitor does. Maybe they already have!


Generic domain names will attract interested visitors to your site.