Domain Name Facts and Information

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Domain Name Information

Domain Name Facts.

Domain name and web site


A newly registered domain name does not come with a ready made web site.

The website may already have been built but it can not be published on line, without a registered domain name in the address bar.

A web site is often created and built to suit the domain name and associated intended business. 

A domain name may have many meanings depending on your own view point and your own thoughts. 

We at will be more than happy to assist you with your website requirements.

Many of our domain names have a website already built to suit the name and purchase of the associated website is optional.

The use of your domain name is limited only to your own imagination.

A domain name may fit into many categories and consequently, head many differently styled or themed  business or personal web sites.  The choice is yours. You will find many of our available domain names fit into many categories, however, the selected category and intended use of any domain name is only our opinion. Whatever your mind's eye can see for the future intended use of any of our available domain names is for you to decide.

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