The Structure Of A Domain Name

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Domain Name Structure

How a Domain Name is Structured

What makes up a domain name? 

The domain name for the web site is: - you can see this by looking at in the URL or location bar of your browser.

You will see that the domain name is: This is the important part, everything else that follows after this such as the name of the page or file, cannot be viewed or exist on a web site without the domain name.

This name is in two parts:

  1. a2zdom: This is the domain name I have chosen for this web site.
  2. .com: This is the extension of  this domain name

One of the best things about domain names is that they are unique. No two domain names are the same because all domain names are recorded in a central database; consequently each record in the database must be unique. You can be glad to know that your competitor and/or business rival cannot have the same domain name as you. 

If for example you happen to be in the advertising business and you are looking for a suitable domain name for an advertising related web site, just browse through our portfolio, under the advertising category page; you will see a suitable domain name that you like, such as A domain name that says to the world, 'exactly what it does'.  You like the name, you like the impact it has on you, you like that it is memorable, logical and explains your business in a clear and succinct manner, plus it has extension.

 Miss It Miss Out! 

You come back in a few days excited and eager to buy the domain name but your competitor has already bought it. The name has already been sold and your rival is the proud owner with great plans for its future already under way. You know that you will never get the chance of that unique name again. Remember: If you miss it you miss out!.